Find the best path forward after a criminal charge.

At LawZip, we understand that mistakes happen, and we believe the best way to get your life back on track after a criminal charge is to surround yourself with a defense team that’s capable of minimizing your penalties – and helping you move past them.

Our mission is to help people in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area find the legal defense services they need so that they can:

  • Have the best possible defenses available
  • Reduce their penalties and legal consequences
  • Get on the road to personal recovery as fast as possible

This means we only work with pre-screened, highly vetted attorneys who have a proven record of court success and high client satisfaction. Instead of going through tens and hundreds of attorney profiles and trying to make sense of who’s who, we help our readers get right to the heart of the matter by connecting them directly to our partners.

The attorneys we work with then offer free case strategy sessions to help you learn more about your legal options, and what you can expect moving forward. LawZip is always free to use, always confidential and there’s never any obligation to move forward with an attorney.

After a criminal charge, you may have personal, financial and professional concerns that can affect the rest of your life. Finding the right attorney shouldn’t add to your list of worries. It should be an easy, hassle-free first step on the path to personal recovery.

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