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At LawZip, we know that the right attorney can make or break your case, so we make it easier to find a qualified, experienced – and most importantly, successful – defense lawyer. No more comparing endless reviews, no more browsing too many lawyer websites. Just get results when you need them most.

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There’s no shortage of attorneys in Colorado Springs, but when you’re facing urgent criminal charges, you may not have the time or luxury of in-depth research.

At LawZip, we do the research for you. We spend hours researching, interviewing and vetting partner attorneys, so our readers are only connected to the highest-performing lawyers in your area.

Whether you’re facing charges related to drunk driving (DUI), domestic violence, fraud, violent crimes, sexual assault, drug crimes or any number of other offenses, we can connect you to a Colorado Springs defense attorney who’s seen success in those areas.

The right attorney can put your life back on the right track by minimizing your penalties and helping you turn things around. An inexperienced attorney, on the other hand, can send your life down the wrong path altogether.

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